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Off Roaders, Engine Conversions, Kit Cars, Imports,
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A performance exhaust doesn’t have to be loud. With a custom system you can tailor the sound levels to suit your personal taste. I can manufacture performance systems with noise levels ranging from just above standard to very loud straight through Jap style! That’s the beauty of a custom exhaust, you get it the way you want it not the way that’s easiest to assemble on a production line. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination and the physical space available under your car.

All my systems are made entirely from non magnetic stainless steel, even the welds. The pipework is usually 2mm thick to eliminate the resonance problem found with some thin walled stainless systems.

Please phone or email with your requirements. (01355 276507/ sales@simonscustomexhausts.co.uk) There’s a good chance I’ll be able to quote you at this stage. All quotes are the actual price you will pay. There are no vat or sundry charges to be sneaked on once you come to pay!

For more adventurous fabrications or brand new models I may need to see your car first. Please note that I’m usually booked a week- ten days in advance but smaller jobs can usually be fitted in sooner if you are able to leave the car for the morning/ afternoon/ day as I can bring them in whenever the ramps are free.


Call On: 01355 276507

Email: sales@simonscustomexhausts.co.uk